Recurring RevenueThe customer relationship does not end after your first sale. Delivering value to your customers and developing strong relationships require ongoing investment. A successful sales team brings customers in the front door. But if the investment in the relationship isn’t there, they can quickly walk right out the back door.

The biggest challenge — and the greatest opportunity — facing businesses today is a shift to a recurring-revenue business model. DS3 Consulting has 20 years of experience with recurring-revenue models across industries, both helping companies successfully make the transition and building the model from scratch. Contact DS3 to learn how to minimize churn and maximize profit.

Customer-Success Strategy

  • DS3 evaluates customer relationships and renewal business and helps you put the right processes in place.
  • DS3 ensures your people have consistent knowledge about how to manage customers and renewals.
  • DS3 develops decision-making tools to ensure your resources are invested wisely and effectively.

 Customer-Success Measurement

  • DS3 works with you to help your customers define and measure their success — because of you/your services/your products.
  • DS3 develops common measurements for the holistic value of each and every customer, helping you know where to invest effort and resources — and why.
  • DS3 helps you determine repeat/renewal likelihood and how to increase it: what predicts repeat or renewal business, how to determine who is at risk, and how/where to invest effort into customers who are at risk of churn.

Marketing Programs for Repeat and Renewal Business

  • DS3 helps you focus on high-risk customers and deepen customer relationships across the board.
  • DS3 ensures your acquisition and renewal teams are part of the same pipeline.

Customer-Success and Renewal Process Analysis and Improvement

  • DS3 helps you make the most of the organization you have and build your organization for the future.

DS3 works with companies of all sizes to deepen customer relationships and reduce churn through proven recurring-revenue business models.