Meet the disruptive marketing guy: DS3 founder Jeff Weinberger.

Jeff WeinbergerDecades of innovative marketing, strategy and leadership experience across industries earned DS3 founder Jeff Weinberger a reputation for being innovative and, well, disruptive. It’s a much-maligned characteristic he has used to the immense benefit of such industry-leading companies as Cisco (WebEx), Intel, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Ernst & Young and BellSouth (now AT&T), as well as smaller companies of which you’ve likely never heard. He has spent his career helping organizations create, adapt to and capitalize on disruption in their markets, technologies and businesses.

With an over-developed acute sense of the obvious, Jeff has a track record of bringing in new ideas and making them work. He has a knack for understanding and distilling the needs of each business and proven experience applying both incremental and disruptive innovation to achieve measurable, scalable, sustainable results.

A recognized thought-leader, speaker, writer and blogger on disruptive marketing, recurring-revenue models and Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 technology issues, Jeff is involved with various nonprofit organizations, including E2, NRDC and MENG; he co-founded the University of Chicago GSB Tech/Venture Network. He holds a BA degree in computer science and economics from Columbia University, as well as an MBA in marketing and strategy from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and dog, a tedoodle (terrier/dachshund/poodle) named Ezra.

Jeff is a trusted adviser/partner who adapts to the unique characteristics of each organization and puts more than 25 years as a “disruptive marketing guy” to work for every client.