Marketing StrategyDS3 Consulting develops marketing strategies and programs that are grounded in fact — not prevailing winds or conventional beliefs. Our deep strategic insights allow effective focus on flexible execution across teams to produce measurable results.

DS3 draws on 25 years of experience to get the marketing strategy right. In addition to offering deep expertise in all marketing functions, DS3 builds ROI and financial models to ensure your team reaches your business goals. We have disrupted markets from professional services to corporate learning to selling, emerging as leaders in marketing strategy and execution across industry and function. Contact DS3 to maximize your competitive advantage.

Market Development and Growth

  • DS3 identifies growth opportunities in your market and/or identifies new markets for your offerings.

Product Positioning, Branding and (re-)Launch

  • DS3 develops optimal positioning for new products or refines/repositions current products.
  • DS3 creates and implements launch strategies for maximum market effect.


  • DS3 identifies critical arenas where your people should be known and creates content-distribution plans to help establish you and your people as go-to experts.
  • DS3 develops white papers, blog posts and other long-form content in support of your thought-leadership strategy.

Sustainability Programs

  • DS3 helps companies identify sustainable business opportunities that drive innovation and create competitive advantage.
  • DS3 creates sustainability strategies by identifying business opportunities in sustainable and responsible practices, and incorporating them into core business plans.
  • DS3 develops tactical programs that engage your people and give them the tools to become sustainability advocates.

DS3 helps you define and execute proven, measurable marketing strategies and embrace market disruption.